Submersible Motor Sales & Service

Welcome to ROTEX, your trusted partner for high-quality submersible motors in the United States. At ROTEX, we take pride in offering not only reliability and exceptional quality but also solutions that align seamlessly with your economic considerations. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing submersible motors sets us apart as industry leaders. With a dedicated team of experts boasting decades of combined experience in design and manufacturing, we are committed to creating a better world.

Salient Features

Elegant Design

ROTEX designs blend constant research, meticulous manufacturing, and practicality for visually pleasing, cost-efficient, and highly functional products.

Superior Material Quality

Quality raw materials are vital for excellence. ROTEX assures top-notch materials, bolstering submersible motor durability and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

We prioritize peak efficiency in submersible motor designs and manufacturing to lower life cycle costs and minimize carbon footprint.


Our vertical integration lets us produce key parts like thrust bearings and winding wires, ensuring resilience in tough conditions.

Compatibility with PWM Waveform

ROTEX motors are engineered for VFD-driven applications, like solar pumps, with high-voltage spike resistance and advanced insulation, ensuring reliability.

Application of Submersible Motors

ROTEX submersible motors are engineered to cater to a wide range of applications, with tailored solutions available to meet your unique needs. Our versatile range of applications includes:

ROTEX submersible motors excel in agriculture, offering reliability for deep well pumping, irrigation, and remote solar-powered farming with VFD/PWM compatibility.
ROTEX's submersible motors excel in underground mining dewatering pumps, offering robust designs for exceptional performance in harsh conditions, custom-built for efficiency.
Residential & Municipal Water Supply
ROTEX offers a wide array of submersible motors for residential and municipal water supply, ensuring dependable water access for communities and homes.
Oil & Gas
ROTEX submersible motors are relied upon in the oil and gas sector, powering subsea pumps and equipment in demanding underwater conditions.
Waste Water
ROTEX submersible motors are essential for wastewater management, enduring in corrosive environments, from sewage treatment to industrial use, promoting environmental sustainability.

Our Products

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