Submersible motors are primarily engineered for the unique demands of deep well installations. As depths increase, the reliability, safety, and energy efficiency of traditional deep well turbine pumps with vertical hollow shaft motors diminish. This is due to the challenges posed by the lengthening shaft, which can compromise operation. Submersible motors provide an elegant solution to this problem. By submerging both the motor and pump beneath the water and transmitting power through stationary cables instead of rotating shafts, they offer exceptional rigidity. This innovation eliminates the need for extended shafts, enabling higher-speed pumping and significant savings on material costs. Over time, submersible motors have revolutionized water applications, expanding beyond deep wells. Their unwavering rigidity, reliability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness have propelled them to the forefront of industrial, mining, agriculture, and various other water pumping applications. Today, they stand as the preferred choice, meeting the dynamic needs of a wide range of sectors

Advance Technology & Salient Features

ROTEX harnesses advanced manufacturing technology and a robust design and research and development center to deliver exceptional submersible motors that outshine competitors in the market. Our submersible motors boast several standout features:


Elegant Design

Every ROTEX design is a result of continuous research and development, meticulously considering minute details from manufacturing to installation and operation. This approach ensures that our products are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and cost-effective.


Superior Material Quality

The quality of raw materials is fundamental to product excellence. ROTEX maintains vigilant quality assurance measures to guarantee the use of superior materials, enhancing the durability and energy efficiency of our submersible motors.


Energy Efficiency

Recognizing that operational costs dominate the life cycle cost of submersible motors, we prioritize peak efficiency in our designs and manufacturing. This focus not only reduces the motors' life cycle cost but also contributes to a significant reduction in the overall carbon footprint.



ROTEX's vertically integrated setup allows us to engineer critical components, including thrust bearings and winding wires, in-house. We incorporate robust and oversized components to ensure enduring operation, even in challenging conditions.


Compatibility with PWM Waveform

Variable speed pumping, often facilitated by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems, is becoming increasingly essential in various industrial applications, including solar pump systems. ROTEX motors are specifically designed to withstand the high voltage spikes inherent in VFD-based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) power. Our use of high-tech insulation materials and techniques makes ROTEX submersible motors the preferred choice for VFD-based applications, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Applications of Submersible Motors

ROTEX submersible motors are engineered to cater to a wide range of applications, with tailored solutions available to meet your unique needs. Our versatile range of applications includes:

ROTEX submersible motors have consistently demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in the agriculture sector. Whether for deep well pumping or open pond/river irrigation and crop watering, ROTEX stands as the preferred choice. Its compatibility with VFD/PWM waveforms also positions ROTEX submersible motors as ideal candidates for solar-powered agriculture in remote areas.
ROTEX submersible motors excel in powering dewatering pumps in underground mining operations, thanks to their robust design that enables exceptional performance even in extreme conditions. ROTEX proudly offers custom-built bottom intake submersible motors specifically designed for the mining sector, ensuring efficient dewatering applications and leaving minimal leftover water.
Residential & Municipal Water Supply
ROTEX provides an extensive range of submersible motors designed for both deep well pumping and surface reservoir pumping in the residential and municipal water supply sector. Our motors ensure consistent and reliable water supply for communities and households.
Oil & Gas
ROTEX submersible motors are trusted in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including powering the sub sea pumps and powering equipment in challenging underwater environments. Their reliability and efficiency make them a dependable choice for critical operations.
Waste Water
ROTEX submersible motors play a vital role in wastewater management, from sewage treatment plants to industrial applications. Their durability and ability to operate in corrosive environments make them indispensable for efficient wastewater handling, contributing to environmental sustainability.

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